About the Compact

The mission of the Ohio Deans Compact on Exceptional Children is to affect Ohio’s system of preparation and personnel development in ways that better support all educators to work together to teach and support all learners. With a commitment to equity and social justice, the Compact serves as a forum for bridging theory to practice, fostering meaningful P20 partnership efforts, and identifying and responding to critical issues, such as personnel shortages that limit opportunities to learn for groups of students.

The Compact provides a channel for communication and examination of ideas among state leaders; deans, associate/assistant deans, faculty; professional association representatives; district/school leaders; national partners; and others. It also provides opportunities for collaborative efforts to develop and implement inclusive models of preparation; foster authentic higher education-district partnership efforts; create innovative models of preparation to address identified state needs; support research, demonstration, and evaluation projects; and disseminate information on critical issues of common concern to institutions of higher education and PK12 educators.

Ohio Deans Compact

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